A Property You Shouldn’t Miss

While the hurricane season is not yet here, invest in a property that would not give you a lot of headaches!

It is very rare to have a 4-bedroom property that was constructed only in the middle of 2005 and is well taken care of.

The original owners are 3 individuals and a pet dog. All the special celebrations we’re done in the property. From birthdays to their anniversaries. Since all of the bedrooms are located upstairs, they have privacy while allowing guests to come at their events. They have also utilized the backyard with their friends having conversations etc. Their backyard is a good spot on mingling with each other especially it is facing the trees and the lake.

The current real estate market offers properties that might have issues (electrical, plumbing, roof) that normally occurs in older properties. However, this property is cared by a handyman. All the little issues we’re handled before they get out of hand.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in this property and that is 3 days to go before the OPEN HOUSE. Mark your calendars for June 9, 2021 OPEN HOUSE although the buyers are open to the idea of closing before the open house. 

Want to know how? Send a message our way or email paolo@abba98.com. Check out the details of the listing in this link or here.


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