How I sold a 4 bedroom property in Vizcaya Community West Miramar

This 4 bedroom property was now recently sold to it’s new owners. There was a lot of effort put in place to market this listing and has received multiple offers. Last quarter, we saw an increase with the lending rates as it topped 6.5 to 7%. Comparing it to rates 3 to 4% from the past 2 years, there was a significant effect with the offers received.

These challenges is part of the game and our job is to close the deal to the satisfaction of both parties.
Mixing different marketing strategies, we we’re able to actively share the listing from different channels.

Here are some of the articles that we’re shared to different online groups.

Halloween promotional article.

Lakefront and Secure: 4 bedroom at 5271 SW 141st Ter. Miramar, FL. – Abba Realty – Homes for Sale in Florida.

First Open House announcement.

FIRST OPEN HOUSE! 5271 SW 141st. Terr. Miramar Florida 33027 – Abba Realty – Homes for Sale in Florida.

Sharing it to Just announce app.

Announcement. – Abba Realty – Homes for Sale in Florida.

Hyping the first OPEN HOUSE.

3 days to go before the OPEN HOUSE for 5271 SW 141st Terr Miramar, Florida. – Abba Realty – Homes for Sale in Florida.

We planned to share it online and add old school strategies such as giving out flyers and brochures to networking and marketing events. During the Halloween, our realtor planned to saturate the area by giving out hundreds of flyers on every door. This proved to be a good opportunity to increase awareness within the neighborhood.

Here is one of my selfies before the Treat or Treat.

True enough, there was a lot of prospects who visited our OPEN HOUSE the week after.

Ultimately, the seller chose the best deal for their needs and both we’re satisfied with what they got.

What do you think of our strategy on closing this deal? If you are a real estate agent, let me know your thoughts!

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